The Road To Radiance – an E-course in Painting Faces

I don’t know if anybody saw the post I wrote telling people there was an opportunity to win a place on this amazing course, but I entered – and WON! I want to share this – my very first art e-course journey with you.

The classes have been posted, but begin properly tomorrow, and I just can’t wait! I will be posting my pictures here in my blog, which was always more intended towards the arts and crafts side of my life. I hope you will accompany me on my journey.


The Road To Radiance – a course in painting.

I’ve become addicted to blog hops. I must have participated in four or five this month alone, and I have just found another one! This one is really worth hopping for – it’s to win a free place on The Road To Radiance course which features teachers such as Effy Wild (the hostess), Tamara Laporte (of Lifebook fame), Jane “Danger” Davenport and Christy Tomlinson to name but a few. If you love to paint faces in your art journals or on canvas, then be sure to check this link out. ¬†

Good luck if you go in for it! And remember, even if you don’t win, you can still do the course (starts October 1st).