Who I am and why I’m here.

Writing your first ever blog post is, at least for me, an extremely daunting task. The blank “page” looks at me, and I look back. It stares at me. I stare back. “Hello, blank page! Please be kind and inspire me!” The page still says nothing. I glare at it defiantly, but nothing worth writing comes to mind, and it glares back at me, seeming to revel in its starkness, so I get up to go and make a coffee. Caffeine in hand, I sit back down at my PC. The page is as it was, white and pristine, but most obvious of all is that it will stay that way until my Mojo decides to come and play. Where does this “Mojo” of mine reside? How do I find this elusive creature when I need it most? As an art journaller and painter I really should know, but I don’t. Mostly it baffles me to distraction in its reticence to appear, yet at other times it startles me by suddenly rushing in out of nowhere. “Hey Mojo! Not that I’m unhappy to see you or anything, but where the hell did you pop up from?” I wish forlornly that it were a physical being so I could tap its phone number into my contact list. Wouldn’t THAT be a cool situation! Sitting in front of this blank page, I can imagine speed-dialling my Mojo (I mean who wouldn’t have it on speed dial?) and saying, “Come on over! We need to chat.”, and seconds later my head would be infused with arty/crafty ideas, or inspired words of wisdom, my fingers would flit wildly over the keys, always too slowly to write the thoughts that fly rampant throughout my brain, my mind, my heart – my being. But my Mojo isn’t around today,  not yet at least, this blank space testament to its absence. So why blog if I can’t even write a simple intro? I love to write, but if I can’t even do that then why am I here?  I’ll let you know, but only after my Mojo has paid me a visit.


6 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here.

  1. Yes, I know – how weird is that! I wrote this – not meaning to post it – because I was frustrated at the blank page. I read it out loud to my mother who said “Post it, it’s good!” – so I did. (Thank you, Mum for your absolute (and many times misguided) faith in my abilities!).


  2. WOW! Serious writers block… Kudos on rolling with the punches. Think more in terms of talking to friends about your blog. Stand back and separate yourself from the page, Pretend your at a party and telling a small group of people about yourself or your opinions. People always want to hear your take on “stuff”.
    Good luck

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    • Yes, I did have a severe case of that writers’ (and artists’) worst enemy – the big brain block! It was my first ever blog after all, and I really don’t know why I’m here, except to blog,.of course.
      In the end I just sat and typed what I was thinking and to be honest I’m not unhappy with this result being my first ever post. I will be writing another, more “normal” intro some time – and I’m pretty sure that it will be in the very near future.
      Thanks for the kudos and the tips!


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